There really is no planet B.

It started with a life long love affair with nature and grew into a way of life and a standard of living. I always thought of myself as quite a sustainable person being that I never littered, I didn’t leave the tap on when I brushed my teeth and I recycled etc. As it turns out there’s much more to it than that.

I have always loved shopping second hand because I loved the treasure hunt not because I was trying to be a better human. Even still, I knew that it was a great way to shop for clothing sustainably and when I started researching topics for my Trig & Tony business plan it was definitely on the list to look into.

After learning about what Fast fashion is, and how I had been unknowingly contributing to such a dirty unethical industry I stopped buying it full stop. I was already finding amazing unique clothes second hand so it was easy to make the call and I haven’t bought any new clothing since. If I decide to buy something new I would only support brands that I trust.

How is Trig & Tony Sustainable

  • When you buy something secondhand you save all the resources needed to create something new.
  • Plastic free packaging. The shipping boxes used for Trig & Tony are made from a mixture of 60% grass 40% recycled paper, the packing tape and all other packaging materials are plastic free.
  • I try to create as little waste as possible by using only limited printed materials like postcards etc.

I also really want to encourage that customers of Trig & Tony only buy something if they really want it. Please no impulse buys. Over the years I have come to notice that the clothes I still love and wear are the ones where I just knew they were something special. The ones I only bought because I wanted something new end up in the back of the closet hardly worn.

Do yourself and your closet a favour and be picky. You’ll be thankful later when you realize that the less you have the easier it is to find something to wear. Buy less, choose well & make it last.