Trig & Tony Sizing Guide

About sizing

Sizing can be a tricky thing when it comes to vintage and second hand. Not only do eras have different sizing but countries and even brands can have their own way to measure. You also need to consider that the garments have been washed and you never know what the original size of the garment actually was. It’s for this reason that I do not list the size given inside the garment. Instead I measure each item and provide a chart with international size conversions so that you can have the best chance of finding the right fit.

How I measure

Each piece is laid flat and measured for width and height. For tops I measure the bust, full length shoulders and arm length. For pants it’s the top of the pant/waist, full length and inseam. I then use these measurements to determine what size the piece is here in Germany. If you want to determine where the top of the pants will sit on your body simply take the full length minus the inseam.

Determining your size

For each piece listed on Trig & Tony I give the approximate German size. For those not based in Germany, you can check the conversion chart below to see what your size is. If you country is not listed you can check your measurements and see what size you would be. Here is a video I found online which gives a quick overview of how to measure yourself.

International Sizing chart

Taking in one step further

When you find a piece you really like, find one that you already have with a similar cut and measure it. Compare that against the measurements given on the product page. If the measurements are nearly the same, you will have a good chance that it also fits you well.