Autumn Velvet

Autumn Velvet is a perfect fall cocktail packed with almond goodness. It was actually one of the cocktails I had at my first Vintage, Secondhand & Cocktails event in 2018. It’s an easy cocktail to make and is perfect to have after a nice meal for dessert. 

This is also a great dessert cocktail for vegans. To be honest, I actually prefer using almond milk in cocktails instead of regular milk or cream, as it adds a nice flavor and froths so nicely.  

If you do decide to make this for your next after dinner treat, don’t forget to make the tea ahead of time so it has plenty of time to cool. 

Autumn Velvet

Autumn Velvet


  • 4cl Amaretto
  • 3cl Salted Caramel Tea (chilled)
  • 6cl Almond Milk (unsweetened)


Put all ingredients into your favourite cocktail shaker, add ice, shake shake shake, then double strain into your glass. Garnish a sprinkle of vanilla. Enjoy!

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