Once you start looking for quality in your clothes you will quickly realize that not all textiles are created equal. Each fabric will behave and feel differently and knowing these differences will be the key to building a quality wardrobe. I think most us already know that linen is a great summer fabric for it’s breathability, but there is much more to it than that. Here are 3 fun facts that you may not have known about linen:⁠

🌿 1. Linen is lint free, does not pill and is resistant to stains. Unlike many fabrics linen gets better with age. The more it’s worn & washed the softer it becomes. Perfect for us vintage lovers!!⁠

🌿 2. It’s one of the oldest & most durable fabrics. Linen curtains found in the tomb of King Tutankhamun, were still intact after over 3,000 years. But, even though it can last forever under the right conditions, it is fully biodegradable and one of the most sustainable fabrics to produce.⁠

🌿 3. The structure of woven linen is perfect for all types of embroidery, which is great if you like to up-cycle clothing with stitch work. ⁠

Choosing the right fabric will make a big difference in how your clothes feel and how long they last. Once I started paying more attention to what my clothes where made of, I was able to start building a wardrobe full of clothes not only felt better and lasted longer but also looked better. Trust me, once you know quality, you will be able to spot it a mile away and it does look different.

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